Portrait of Tadly and Globe.  He wishes to visit the Nile and learn its watery, crocodile-filled secrets.

First - it must be said that Thaddeus Boots Waldorfington is an explorer - both by profession and by proclivity. From his youth in the midwest he pushed far afield - collecting specimens, frequenting places unfrequented, and corresponding with the famed International Expedition Society. Upon leaving home, he made his way to the east coast, where he currently resides with his friend and confidant, Abigail Adams (who is a cat). After a string of daring and remarkable amateur explorations, he was offered entry into the most-esteemed International Expedition Society. This was the realization of a life-long dream for Tadly, and his receipt of the Membership Medal reportedly moved many to tears - including the cephalopod himself. He also gave a nice speech. His parents, watching on their television in Luggum, Minnesota were quoted to be "just pleased as punch" and "just thought the whole darn thing was so nice, and they had a curtain just like Johnny Carson had back when the Tonight Show was good".

Tadly is an excellent and resourceful explorer, but he is aided by a remarkable talent. Michiganus Mimicus is notable not only for being the only know terrestrial octopus, but also as the world's most flexible and prolific shape-shifter. With little effort, Tadly may mimic his environment or any object or creature in that environment. It is theorized that Michiganus Mimicus is a cousin of Thaumoctopus Mimicus, though the latter is not known for walking on land, holding conversations, or having aspirations beyond finding food and avoiding barracuda. It should be noted that terrestrial octopuses also avoid barracuda, as would anyone with an ounce of sense. They are vicious and merciless monsters.

Oh, you would like to know more? How about Abigail Adams? Well, the obvious fact is that she is a cat. Not the speechless feline-domestic you are most likely familiar with, but that strain of Society Cat (as they are called) that, inspired by the ideals of the American and French revolutions, threw off their collars, food-dishes and "domestication names" and adopted an upright posture, their own dialect, etiquette, and sometimes clothing. In line with their cultural inspiration, they are ardent students of history and literature, often naming their children for figures involved in those upheavals of yore we celebrate on Independence Day and Bastille Day. As for Abigail herself, she lives up to her namesake in her volume and quality of written correspondence - often to Tadly while he is in faraway and unknown lands. Little is understood about how she knows where to mail these letters. She is active in the Middleburg, NJ historical society and is currently researching for a book on the ascent of her species from cuddly pets to cuddly citizens.

Oh wait, you want to know more? You like to know who is behind all of this? Well, excuse the children and we'll talk.

Are they gone?

The Adventures of Tadly Waldorfington is a joint project between the husband-and-wife-team of Scott Benson and Bethany Hockenberry. Scott is an animator and Bethany makes delightful hand-made plush. She is known internationally for her delicately crafted yet surprisingly affordable squids. They hatched this scheme in the service of finding a project on which they could collaborate. Specifically, most of the groundwork was laid in one overnight drive through the snowy wasteland of central Indiana in late December. Both the cartoon and the plushies are hand-made in-house (or in-aparment, as the case may be). Consequently, episodes occur as soon as we can get them out, with the Abigail Recommends episodes corresponding with specific holidays that pique our interest. You can purchase the plushies at the shop page, or at any of the various indie-craft shows we do every year. You may view our upcoming appearances here. All proceeds go to funding future adventures.

2008-2010 © Cleo Dee's & Scott Benson

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